Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bethesda Releases "Lonesome Road" Trailer. Jonathan Weeps.

  With less than a week until Fallout: New Vegas' final DLC releases (Sept 20), Bethesda at last gives us the official trailer.
  And there was much rejoicing.
  For those of you unaware of the story of "Lonesome Road", you'll finally get a chance to meet Ulysses, the courier who decided not to deliver Mr.Houses's platinum chip when he realized you were next on the courier list.  If you recall, after Benny tried to kill you in the beginning of NV, you never really get alot of closure on who you really were.
   Why did Ulysses bail out like that?  Why was he so concerned when he saw your name?  And why do people make Fallout mods that turn the character into anime models from Final Fantasy?!  That doesn't even make any SENSE!!   I WANT ANSWERS!!


Whatever Ulysses knows, it's the final part of the story for you to cross paths and find out.  It'll also bring the DLC's full circle as well.  And after that?  Well, I'll probably be so sad it's over, I'll cry alot and listen to "The Cure".  Actually, promise me you won't tell anyone I just said that.

In the meantime, watch the trailer.  And remember "The Cure" thing never got mentioned.  Please.


  1. No, not really. But it sure does put depression into a whole new class when "The Cure" gets mentioned, doesn't it? If I ever heard someone say that and mean it, it'd be "suicide watch" for sure.

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