Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aftermath Mod Teaser Screenshot #1

  Your patience has finally paid off!  Here's the first teaser screenshot of the "Through the Aftermath" mod for Fallout NV.  Now that we are getting close to the mod's release, you'll see a few more teaser screenshots between now and then.

  Today's screenshot is an example of one of the ads you'll see as you're out and about in the wasteland. There are inside-jokes galore in this mod.  If you listened to the podcast, you're gonna get a kick out of all of them. ;)

Click the picture to see it full-size...and stay tuned for more soon!


  1. Awesomesauce! Can't wait till it's out, I'll prob even be playing your mod before I play vanilla New Vegas :P (working on fallout 3 for the first time atm)

  2. While I'm not a PA afficiniado per se (I came across TTAM very indirectly from a gaming podcast), I'm looking forward to this mod. I still have to play Fallout-3, so hopefully I can combine it with your mod :)