Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Through the Aftermath" Podcast Episode 47?! WHA-WHA-WHAAAT?!?!

Episode 47?!   We were done with the show!!  What new devilry IS THIS?! 

Fear not, my friends.  You aren't dreaming.  You aren't being punk'd by Demi Moore's seemingly-under-aged-late-husband.  There is indeed a new episode of "Through the Aftermath" we just released!  Thanks to the encouragement of some of our listeners, Shawn and I decided to go ahead and do a "catch-up" episode to let you know what we've been up to, talk a bit about the upcoming "Wasteland 2", and a ton of info on the upcoming "Through the Aftermath Mega-Mod" for Fallout: New Vegas.

There's also a new intro-skit of course.  Just wouldn't be right without one, you know. ;)

You can listen to it HERE or download it from our blogsite HERE.  And a special thanks to our friend, Megaton, at for helping host it.

So give 'er a listen.  And rejoice in the fact that I talk too fast when I'm talking about mods, and pronounce the word "homage" like "HOMage".  No, seriously.  Someone pointed it out.  I totally did that.  It's totally reminiscent of that time in 4th grade when you realized you were inadvertently swearing when you held your tongue in your fingers and said "my uncle works in a shipyard" and then the kids laughed and you got in trouble and...

...Wait.  What was I talking about...?


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