Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whoah!!! Where Did I Go?! What Happened Back There?!

 Wow, I believe I pulled the proverbial short-straw in the game of Life back there.  Correction... the straw was also connected to a grenade.
  In the past two weeks, I not only had a near-bout of diverticulitis again, I also had a blood clot in my arm as a result of a RedCross blood drive.

Seriously, WHO SAYS THAT?!

  Apologies for my disappearance off the grid.  Though I still feel like a was given an overdose of Rad-Sickness and look like the Bikini Islands after the nuke testing, I'm still alive.  So far, anyway.

I think we can now continue our broadcast as originally intended...


  1. Glad to hear you're back, J. I liked the Fallout page but you did have us worried again. Here's wishing you better health.


  2. Man that's really rough. Glad to hear you're back together though. Hope you're enjoying the Fan Fair!