Saturday, October 1, 2011

And At Last, the Mod's Storyline....

When I started making this Fallout: New Vegas "Aftermath mod", there was a few reasons why I chose to do it.  One was to give back something to the TTAM community for all the years they listened to our podcast.  Another reason was because it gave us a chance to continue to be part of the Fallout world and even group up with you, even if it was in a virtual sense.  The third was that it was a bit of closure (those of you who have podcasted will likely agree that you never really feel closure all the way) and also a way to bring the whole TTAM story full-circle.  The mod in itself accomplished the first 2 goals for the most part, provided I made sure I gave the mod everything it deserved.  The last one was a bit tricky.  So how do I bring the whole "broadcasting in the wasteland" story all the way around and make it great fun for those who listened to the show, and not just another questing mod?  You're about to find out.

  Ever since Shawn and I started the podcast, we've always role-played it as having an underground bunker where we broadcast our radio signal.  As the show went on, our episodes found us attacked by raiders who wanted our dish, having power issues with the antennae array, getting lost out in the wasteland and having to hide in wooden crates, finding bio-weapons we thought were apple-flavored air fresheners -- and of course -- the running joke that someone was always trying to take out our forums.
  Ah those forums!  I don't know what happened back there, but someone really liked hacking the crap out of our forums. Shawn and I were constantly banging our heads against the wall about it.  In the end if you recall, the hacking got so bad, Shawn took the forums down and now our good friend Megaton helped integrate it into his own great forums at postapocalypticforum[dot]com.  But wow, did our jokes fly before that.  "Skynet's after us!" or "Whose computer did we piss off??" was a constant joke for months after all was said and done.  The last teaser screenshot last week even has Shawn's angered words on the bunker chalkboard (you DID notice that, didn't you??).  Even the beginning of several of our shows talked about "those hacked forums".

  Well, my friends... THAT where the story-hook for the mod begins.  When you first run the mod, you're going to get word from a friend of ours that something bad has happened at our Radio Bunker.  Shawn and I are missing and you have to find out what happened and where we went.  And let's just say, you'll finally get to see who is the one responsible for attacking our forums all those times.  And along the way, you'll come across the raiders who wanted our radio dish, quite a few more friends, an apple-flavored bio-grenade, and a ton of jokes.  And in the end, you'll help us put the Bunker back into working order, which will make the "Through the Aftermath Radio Station" a permanent signal on your Pipboy radio.  You'll get episode replays, new commercials, and a chance for Shawn and I to help you on your own Fallout NV journey as a companion.

  Does all that sound like a worthy closure to the Aftermath legacy?  I'm crossing my fingers you'll think so.  I've put a crazy amount of time in the last few months into making this the crown jewel.  Many Bothans died to bring you this thing. And maybe, just maybe, all those times I said the word "Fallout" on the show will finally be redeemed.

...okay, maybe not, but at least you can hear me yell "SOOO GOOOD!" as I help you shoot Benny.

Stay tuned, my friends.  We're nearly there.  Watch for more teasers as we go. :)


  1. Sounds awesome... maybe it'll help make up for all those times we failed to get together at E3 or Dragon*Con...

  2. So... I pretty much have to buy FO NV now right? Welp.

  3. Status report? :(