Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome Friends and Wastelanders!

    Whether you are visiting this site from the "Through the Aftermath" podcast community or inadvertantly stumbled onto this site while typing the word "pipboy" into Google Search, I welcome you to my new site.  Though it's been truly sad to watch the "Through the Aftermath" podcast close, it's great to see things evolve into new areas.  It's from this site that you'll hear my personal ramblings on anything from Fallout:New Vegas mods, to upcoming post-apocalyptic-themed movies, to even real-life everyday things that may be deemed important by yours-truly (though, I give you my personal guarantee that you will never be forced to see a post involving a neighbor's "funny cat story" or some random post with an incoherent rant entitled "Why F2P MMO's Fail").

   Whether you share a love of all things post-apocalyptic (be it books, movies, or even badly-named iPod apps), we have a place for you here.  So when the world ends, pack up that survival kit, follow those "Brotherhood of Steel" symbols spraypainted in the freeway overpasses, and join me in the wasteland bunker...
'cause, friends... it's time to PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE!

(hmmm... I better modify that ending part... that really does sound like I'm insane...)


  1. Oh, great, another post-apocalyptic themed blog to compete with...

    Nah,just kidding, of course; glad to still have you as a part of the community!

  2. Sad that TTA is done, and I didn't even record a audio bit in time - but great that you have this blog here instead :)

  3. Hope that TTA radio mod is done soon! I like the CONALRAD mod but TTA would eclipse it for sure.